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2-Button Ear Saver - Pearl

2-Button Ear Saver - Pearl

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I know... we're all sick of masks by now, but these ear savers are handy little devices to use with your masks to help ease the pain the elastic can cause. It makes an annoying thing just a bit more bearable!

To use, place the ear saver behind your head and hook the elastic from your mask around the buttons. Your ears will thank you :) the ear saver works well positioned above a ponytail, at the back of the heard, or at the base of the skull/top of neck. The range of placements also helps make the sizing very flexible.

These ear savers are handmade in Minnesota in my dog-friendly and smoke-free home.


100% Hand-dyed Merino Wool yarn with faux leather "MJM" label and metal rivet attachment.


One size. These are generally 5" long overall and have buttons positioned at the ends. As is the nature of handmade pieces, sizing does slightly vary and these will likely stretch a bit over time with use.


The safest option is always hand washing and air drying as needed.

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